UCCan Ministers and God Survey Preliminary Report

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Create Date5/19/2016

This is a written (10 page) report of the results from the "UCCan Ministers and God Survey."

There is also an Executive Summary, on PowerPoint slides.

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  1. Thank you for doing this. Quite informative. It was a pleasure to participate and feel that someone was actually interested. It would be quite a remarkable church if we could achieve your recommendations, especially building trusting, and I would add, curious spaces.

  2. Interesting. Although it does strike me that the language itself is a trap. I firmly believe in God, I have problems with the word supernatural, finding it archaic and not adequate to express either my belief nor my experience of God. It also strikes me that the questions are 'cognitive' or 'intellectual' and solicit a cognitive or intellectual response. In further research I suggest trying to frame questions that encompass the experiential and the affective dimension. For instance, trust in God or lived experience of God. Finally, it strikes me that the survey leaves very little space for the ambivalence and doubt that may coexist with belief and faith. I think of Mary Oliver's poetry that manages to express both faith and doubt. To assess this, it might be useful to do a textual analysis of a random set of sermons and to compare the results to a quantitative survey of the type undertaken here.

  3. Hi Richard, I would be interested in how the data breaks down according to age category. Do have any plans to do this?

  4. Thanks Richard for taking the time to do an excellent academic piece of work. Your survey results showed clearly that Rev. Vosper's estimate was a little too high. I wonder if someone with her beliefs (or lack of them) would pass the Education & Student interviews, at Presbytery & Conference levels today?

  5. Very interesting and helpful, Richard, especially as The Rev. Vosper is asking Toronto Conference to reconsider the decision of the Conference Executive to do a review this coming weekend.

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