Living in a condo complex has some interesting moments…

as I sat in my living area this evening, I heard the strains of an accordion being played from someone else’s balcony. I had the feeling that the musician had been shoved out there, kind of like someone smoking.

As I sat and listened, I realized that whoever was playing was really quite good. (Accordion not being one of my favourite instruments, it took me a moment or two.) A medley was being played, smoothly moving from song to song.

So I did what anyone would do. I wandered out on to my balcony and joined in.

Spanish Eyes.
Beer Barrel Polka.
Some Enchanted Evening.
And on and on…

I have no idea where the accordionist lives – but I’ll be ready for our next gig!


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So… I’m getting things back

You may not know that got hit by hackers in February.
Sadly, the corruption was so bad that I decided to start over.
Fortunately, I have all of my posts backed up.
Unfortunately, I decided to move from joomla to drupal… so I’m starting over.


Check back to see what’s up!


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United Church of Canada Bloggers


Hmmm… that doesn’t sound right. Ahhh. Typo. How about:
United Church of Canada Bloggers – unite!

Taking a page from the descendents of our Methodist forebears, I have created a United Church of Canada blogroll.

If you would like your blog listed on the blogroll, please give me permission in the comment section of this post and I will happily add you to the blogroll.

If you would like to put the blogroll on your page, just place the following code at an appropriate place in your blog:

<strong> UCCan Bloggers </strong>
<script language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

I’ll be e-mailing UCCan bloggers I know, to see if they’d like to join the list… but this is open to any blogger who considers themselves to be connected to the United Church of Canada. Your connection with the UCCan does not have to be the focus of your blog. While I fall into the more “liberal” part of the UCCan, this list is open to UCC’rs from wherever on the theological, socio-economic, political, etc. spectra.

Please – join in. Let’s see how many of us there are in the cyber… and let’s see what we have to say!

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I’m going to learn about WordPress.
I’m going to learn about WordPress.
I am going to learn WordPress.

Now I just need to figure out how.


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I decided that I needed to move to a different space and a different set of blogging tools.

Jen of Peacefulwaters has kindly offered me a place to hang my hat… and has been absolutely fantastic at getting me moved over. (I wouldn”t have the least idea what I’m supposed to be doing.)

So… welcome to my new digs. My archives should be here in a while.’, ‘The day before my one-year blogging anniversary…

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