About Me

I’m a dad, a partner, a minister in The United Church of Canada and… well… a guy who enjoys people.

A computer-geek since 1978, when my Dad brought home a Commodore “Teacher’s Pet” for the summer, I am an avid user of new technologies in both my work and my home life. (Aka: I like to play.)

Curriculum Vitae: Richard Bott (“Vitae” or “Minutiae”?)

More information will be posted here, as I figure out what to say.

If you’d like to check me out in other fora, check here:

  • In-depth professional information can be found at linked-in.
  • Much of my photography can be seen at flickr.
  • Most of my writing for the past two years has been posted on facebook.


    1. HI Richard,
      This is a terrific site–are you still keeping it? I will be moving to a congregation in Lyn, Ontario, and I am happy to see the great resources yu have here! (of course I will give you credit) Blessings to you, Wendy MacLean

      1. Yes, I agree. It is a great website. I tried my hand at a blog but didn't know what I was doing, so need a bit of guidance.

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