Just took a walk around the church…



  • there’s a playschool gathering;
  • and a yoga group that meets four mornings a week;
  • Greg is in his office, rehearsing music with a soloist for Sunday’s worship;
  • on the main level, “Stitch and Chatter,” are working on quilts to give to people who are without homes and sleeping outside – warm and beautiful;
  • there’s a community Tai Chi group moving (ever so wonderfully slowly) in the church hall;
  • in the worship space, there’s a group of professional musicians practicing for an upcoming concert (and for working with our congregation’s choirs in an upcoming worship event);
  • Sheila, our office administrator, is working on keeping everything organized;
    and I’m in my office, prepping for Sunday;
  • downstairs, another group of children are with their parents, singing and laughing.

And that’s just this morning.

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe how much wonderful life happens in this place.


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  1. Thankful that there is so much activity and that the church is full of life. I can imagine that this would be a source of joy to God!

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