A Statement of Faith

I’ve been asked if I could articulate my faith in a few sentences.

While I think that The United Church of Canada’s A New Creed is good for me, in lots of ways, here are some of my own words:

I believe in God “who has created and is creating.” I believe God is the Divine Other who is greater than the sum of the parts of this universe (or multiverse, if that’s what we live in.) I believe God is in deep, intimate connection with all things – so intertwined with all that is, that we human beings can only begin to understand that relationship. I believe that this relationship is a never-ending (and ever-beginning) dance, in which all things – including God – are changed.

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth – a human being whose will was so completely entwined with the will of the Divine Other that the only way people could describe him was “God and Son of God” (a political and a theological statement.) (And, yes, I do believe that he lived to save me – mostly from myself.)

I believe in the Holy Spirit – Great Mystery of God that moves with and between and in all things – that which is the process of being and becoming and not, all rolled into one.

I believe in the brokenness I see around me, and I believe that God calls me to be part of that which brings healing and wholeness. I believe that I do that by living love: of God, of neighbour, of self (and that my life – along with “everything written in the law and the prophets” – hangs on it.)

I believe all these things, and more.

I don’t demand that anyone else believe in what I believe, though I love to be in conversation about them.

I am Richard Bott, and I am (one of the many) ministers of The United Church of Canada.

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