9/365 – Virtuoso

There is artistry in so many part of our world, much of which gets lost in the details and habits of every day life.

Today, I sat in an airport, waiting for a delayed flight. When the plane arrived, everyone was ready – fueling team, cargo team, attendants, flight deck crew, people directing on the ground and in the control tower, restocking, rescheduling, reworking, to get us on board and in the air.

Once we boarded, we found ourselves waiting. And waiting. And… waiting.

The captain came on the intercom to explain that, in the rush, some of the usual care with balancing the luggage, to ensure the weight was properly distributed had gotten kind of confused. As I looked out my window, I watched a worker came down to the plane. He looked like he had been handling cargo for years. I saw him give three signals, felt something being moved under us, then saw him nod.

Four minutes later, we were backing away from the gate.

There is an artistry to almost everything.

To see a virtuoso at work in their field of art is a joy.

And sometimes makes smooth a frustrating wait.

(Link to image.)

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