10/365 – Claque

For today’s image, I wanted to wander around town giving people a loonie or a toonie to be able to photograph them clapping for me.

Yes, that’s the definition of a claque – a group of people paid to clap.

Unfortunately, I had neither the time nor the supply of toonies to be able to make this image a reality. So you’re stuck reading the thoughts that arise because of the word.

How many times do we just want people to agree with us? I know that I’m guilty of that. I’ll ask someone their opinion, not really looking for more than a pat on the back for a job well done. Whether or not it’s well done, not well done, or not done at all, has been somewhat irrelevant.

Doesn’t really treat people fairly, does it? If we ask them their thoughts, then what we’re really saying is, “Your opinion has value to me. I may agree with it, or I may not – but I will listen and think about it.”

Perhaps that needs to be one of my daily resolutions: only ask when I’m prepared to hear someone’s thoughts on the matter.

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