Ahhh, but…

Lego LOTR triptych by bott.richard
Lego LOTR triptych, a photo by bott.richard on Flickr.

Master Frodo, you will have both friends and allies on this quest. Some who you would expect, whilst others you will find… surprising.

The task is to be looking for them, every moment of every day. Look deeply into the faces and the lives of those around you.

You will be surprised at the goodness you see under their masks.

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What’s in a signature?

What's in a signature? by bott.richard
What’s in a signature?, a photo by bott.richard on Flickr.

As I said in my flickr description, I don’t have much of a signature style in my photography or my fashion. (Unless “frumpy” is signature.)

My non-alcoholic drink of choice is Diet Coke ™. My camera choice is Pentax. My Operating System, Linux.

But give me a good fountain pen and some choice paper… that’s a signature moment.

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Taking a Risk

Taking a Risk by bott.richard
Taking a Risk, a photo by bott.richard on Flickr.

#projectlife365 #game

Sometimes it’s not a game. As I watch the Prime Minister’s response (or lack thereof) to the Idle No More movement, and the ongoing battle between the Ontario teachers federations and their provincial government, there are times it feels like people think life is a Zero-Sum game.

We need to be constantly working for Win-Win-Win.

Games can have winners and losers, because, in the end, it doesn’t really matter.

Life. It shouldn’t have winners and losers. Because, in the end… it does matter. A lot.

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HappyChild finds a portal

#projectlife365 #in_a_drawer

I’ve just started playing with off camera flash. I like the concept of HappyChild finding a portal when she opened the drawer, but I still need to work more on the execution. (And I’ve got to get newer batteries for my flash units. They conked out just when I was starting to get closer to what I was looking for!)

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#projectlife365 #resolution: Beginnings begin with endings…


and good endings make fertile what comes next.

The thing about resolutions is that they’re as much about old ways dying as they are about new ways growing.

So. This year, I will fertilize my new beginnings with good endings.

(And two of my 2013 hopes are to take photos and blog daily. We’ll see if Project Life 365 helps me get my creative juices flowing – and help me be accountable to my discipline.)

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