A response to “The Collapse of the Liberal Church”

Here’s the letter I wrote to the Globe and Mail at the beginning of the week. Didn’t make it in – I think I was too wordy. *grin*

As a minister serving in The United Church of Canada, I found Ms. Wente’s, “The Collapse of the Liberal Church” to be both frustrating and enlightening. Enlightening because it was a snapshot of how some outside the denomination see us. Frustrating because it really didn’t say more than many of us of various theological worldviews within the denomination have been saying for some time. Frustrating, too, because many of us believe that the United Church and other liberal denominations have something vital to offer to the Christian conversation and the world at large: a belief that Jesus Christ called his followers to look at everything through the lens of God’s love, and to live that love in every action and every moment.

Much of what we do is relevant only to ourselves. Sometimes, we make decisions that make no sense. But, sometimes, in our congregations and our General Councils, we take steps that resonate in the wider community. Who knows which of these the decision the upcoming General Council makes on the conflict between the people of Palestine and Israel will be? Perhaps in this, in another decision, or in the life of one of our congregations, someone will find their faith and hope in God’s love renewed.

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