Happy 144th, Canada!

HappyChild and I spent Canada Day in Marathon, this year – and had a wonderful day.

We started the morning out at Penn Lake Park, with the singing of “O Canada”, pizza (that O, So Canadian, Food!), bouncy castles and games. HappyChild bounced between her Nana and a cousin, trying to decide what to do next. It was great to wander along the shore of the lake… though the waterline is about 3 metres lower than I remember it.

The afternoon found us out at Cardin Cove, with HappyChild bouncing in and out of the water with her cousins and their friends. It was the guys’ 12th Birthday Party, with cupcakes and more. My brother – triathelete extraordinare – threw on his wetsuit and stood out in the water as guard.

I stayed on the shore. Yes. I am a wuss.

And I saw ice cubes floating along the shoreline. Not melting. Floating.

A man in a dry suit stands on a rock on Lake Superior, looking like he is standing on the surface of the water.
Then it was potluck supper at St. John’s United Church. They invite anyone interested from the congregation and community to gather together each Friday evening for a shared meal and shared community. It was wonderful seeing people I knew when I was a teen, and meeting people who have arrived in Marathon since I moved on. HappyChild bounced from person to person, introducing herself and being Nana & Papa’s delight.

We headed back to Penn Lake at 10:30pm, to watch the fireworks. What a fantastic show! I spent a good 20 minutes taking pictures of the lights in the sky (of which the image at the top of this post is one.)

We got HappyChild back to the house, a snack into her, and her into bed. She was out like a… light.

Then came the storm. Next post.

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