I’m wondering about what the definition of “non-theist” is in current United Church of Canada parlance.

Is it a) no personal god, but a belief in (experience of?) the holy/sacred/transcendent “other”; is it b) no personal god, and the understanding that there is nothing other than the natural order; or, c) something else?

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The affix “-ian” means “belonging to, coming from, being involved in, or being like”.

Thus “Christian” is a self-referential word, meaning one or more of:
belonging to Christ; coming from Christ, being involved in Christ, or being like Christ.

I would submit that an individual or group that calls itself “Christian” must have something to do with Christ (whatever Christ means to them).

What do you think?

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is back up and running.

I’ve got all the old posts in there – everything up until about a year and a half ago. I’m working on getting the new posts transferred over in the next little while.

Please feel free to check it out. You can click on the “worship resources” link above, or head to

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48 days.

That’s all that’s left between me and six weeks of study leave and three months of sabbatical.

After this week, I’m really looking forward to it.

Part of my sabbatical discipline will be to write, here, on a daily basis. I wonder how I’ll do.

Perhaps I should get into the swing of things by starting sooner. Nothing major. Perhaps not every day. Maybe we can start slow. Posting once every three or four. Then every two or three. Then every one or two – until – epiphany! A post a day.


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Six Marks of Discipleship (Ver.2)

I’m putting this here so I don’t lose it again. It’s a rework on something I put together about five years ago.

Six marks of Discipleship:

Uplifted through daily prayer;
Nourished in weekly worship;
Inspired through daily conversation with Scripture;
Transformed through service to others;
Engaged in spiritual friendships;
Devoting our resources to God’s mission in (or of?) the world.

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