Why ‘richardbott.com’?

When I first set up this domain, it was to post the writing that I was doing. As I created resources for worship or for congregational use, I would post them here. I think I’ll keep on posting the worship resources, but as blog posts. The congregational resources, I’ve moved to a new project: http://ucc-resources.ca

If you’re looking for congregational resources, posted by ministry personnel and United Church of Canada congregations from right across the denomination, check it out.

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This is the day…

that I start again.

For a long time, I was blogging at richard.peacefulwaters.org (with many thanks to Jen – a friend I’ve never met, but one I’m glad I’ve met!) I wrote quite a bit there, during my time at St. Marys United Church.

Then I became a daddy. My life changed. (Ok – understatement of my decade.) My non-work-time became rather – focused. So I started to blog less.

Then I moved to a new ministry, and started serving with the people of St. Andrew’s-Haney United Church in Maple Ridge, BC. My life changed again. (Moving across the country will do that.)

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I Love My…

Android-based Nexus One (aka the Google-phone).

Part of it (and, yes, I know it’s a kind of snobbishness), is that the Nexus One isn’t sold in Canada – so I’m one of the very few on this side of the border who has one.

But the other part is – it’s not Microsoft and it’s not Apple… and the apps work with ever open source program I run.

I love it!

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