So… I’m getting things back

You may not know that got hit by hackers in February.
Sadly, the corruption was so bad that I decided to start over.
Fortunately, I have all of my posts backed up.
Unfortunately, I decided to move from joomla to drupal… so I’m starting over.


Check back to see what’s up!


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With the advent of…

social media, like Facebook and Twitter, I’m trying to figure out what this space should be used for.

When I started blogging – in 2001 – my blogspace was a public journal, where I would chat about things going on in my life.

When I moved to BC, my blogging slowed down. Partially because of being a daddy, partially because there were a lot of other things to be doing.

Then I decided to play with Facebook. And Twitter. and… well… I don’t write as much any more.

In the last iteration of, I created a liturgical library, posting all of the worship resources I was writing, so that people could use them as they desired. I think I’ll reincarnate that, and see what happens.

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