What To Do when Back Up Fails

Soooo… I come into the church office Sunday morning, to find the blue screen of death on the administrator’s computer.

Hard drive failure. No prob. Backups, right?

Backups… that seem to be unusable hash. Have I told you how much I passionately dislike MicroSquish Windoze? I dislike it a lot. Really. Very much.

This week, I was supposed to migrate all of the data over to a new computer. At the moment, I’m using an NTFS recovery tool to try and recover the data, so that I can then migrate it over to the new computer.

The old computer – well, we’re going to put a new hard drive in and connect it to the network, so the envelope steward can enter her work every Sunday.

Taking a look at the information that is being used by all three computers, what I *really* want to do is get a networked hard drive and put it in a safe location. A ventilated, lock-and-key, safe location. With automated, off-site, backups. Ones that are regularly checked for accuracy and useability.

Not a great way to start my week.

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  1. Are you forced to use Micro$haft, or is it just a legacy system that nobody has gotten around to fixing? Surely there's a line somewhere about dealing with the devil?

  2. Hi, Marc…

    I'd love to move them to some flavour of linux. Sadly, at least two of the programmes we use for congregational oversight (Church Watch and QuickBooks) are Windows specific. While there's are opensource options for the latter, there aren't any for the former.

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