Day 29 of

So. The compliments are great – many, many thanks!

Here’s the frustrating thing. I found out that “ye-olde-mechanical-scale” is the most useless tool known to human kind.

Yeah. I actually started out much higher than I thought – 185lb, rather than 178. *sigh* Seven pounds heavier.

So I decided to toss ye-olde-mechanical-scale (yeah, think “shotput”, “caber toss” or “metallic frisbee”), and purchase one of ye-newe-fangeled-electronic-scales-that-measure-everything-except-my-butt-size. Fortunately, there was a sale on at ye-olde-Homesense.

So… as of last night… I was at 175.2lb. I’ve dropped 9.8lb. I’ve got 30lb to go.

Woo. Freakin’. Hoo. I know, I know – I’ve still lost a pile of weight in 29 days… but I was hoping to be closer to my goal, at this point.

Its funny – I’m doing about 9.5km of running on each of Mon., Wed. and Saturday. The first 2km are agony. The last 7.5 are fine. Thank God for endorphins!
I’m not using the car, unless I have to go into the city – so add between 3km and 8km of walking a day.
On Sun., Tues. and Friday, I do the weight stuff. Two sets of what I described, with two 10lb dumbbells. I think I’m going to move up to three sets in a couple of weeks.

My stress level is a whole lot lower… even though I feel like I’m drowning in a pile of stuff that is remaining undone. And, yeah Dave, I am actually feeling physically better – well – after I get my sore body out of the bed in the morning.

Food is beginning to taste better… and I’m not craving the greasy stuff like I have in the past.

No “Iron Man” for me, though. *grin* I’ll leave that to you “little” brother!

Now, if I could find me an archery based bi-athalon, I’d give it a try!

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