What To Do when Back Up Fails

Soooo… I come into the church office Sunday morning, to find the blue screen of death on the administrator’s computer.

Hard drive failure. No prob. Backups, right?

Backups… that seem to be unusable hash. Have I told you how much I passionately dislike MicroSquish Windoze? I dislike it a lot. Really. Very much.

This week, I was supposed to migrate all of the data over to a new computer. At the moment, I’m using an NTFS recovery tool to try and recover the data, so that I can then migrate it over to the new computer.

The old computer – well, we’re going to put a new hard drive in and connect it to the network, so the envelope steward can enter her work every Sunday.

Taking a look at the information that is being used by all three computers, what I *really* want to do is get a networked hard drive and put it in a safe location. A ventilated, lock-and-key, safe location. With automated, off-site, backups. Ones that are regularly checked for accuracy and useability.

Not a great way to start my week.

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To Do

St. Andrew’s:
– Pray
– Recover files from church office hard-drive. (What’s that smell?)
– Pray even more
– Set up new office computer
– get this week’s worship put together
– Worship Brochures: get 20 more written
– Daily Scripture & Prayer Brochure: write this week’s; get schedule put together
– Write some worship dramas (one for each month between now and Advent)
– Clear out piles
– Get rid of old (and I mean – old – pre-pentium) computers
– Start working on Saturday evening worship and coffeehouse
– Move standrewsuc.com to joomla
– install D.S.linux (with audacity) to recording computer
– finish putting together investment policy
– talk with daycare
– work with B. & S. on the advertising plan
– finish work on Purpose/Values/Vision cards

Westminster Presbytery:
– Ellesmere JSC
– Korean UC – 2nd post
– Shiloh-6th – JNAC/JSC
– West Burnaby (follow-up)
– South Burnaby – re-app
– Spiritual Care: a) retreat; b) face-to-face
– Queens Ave. – respond to q’n
– files
– working retreat
– regular meeting

– Spiritual Care Network: a) newsletter; b) event
– Settlement

– Worship & Music Advisory Committee: Worship Place
– UC/RC Dialogue: Fall Meeting
– Emerging Spirit: Manitou; Saskatchewan
– Gathering: week-by-week
– Children’s Ministry: Children’s Sunday Worship Service

– Mow Lawn
– Mow other lawn
– Clean out shed

– Clean out office
– Sleep

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So – I’ve done a rebuilt of my richardbott.com site, using a wonderful and powerful (and open source – free as in speech and free as in beer) Content Management System – Joomla.

I decided to use do the rebuild as a way of learning how to use Joomla, so that I can do a redevelopment of the St. Andrew’s Haney United Church website. When I first arrived – two years ago, now – I reworked the site. There was great information on the previous one, but it had been laid out using Frontpage… or Word. So I took the information and reworked the layout. Sadly, my skills only allowed me to hard code everything. If I want to change anything (including the information about the upcoming Sunday, or the monthly calendar) I have to go into the HTML and make the changes directly to it. When I have the time. *sigh*

Moving to a CMS – especially as one as intuitive as Joomla – means that I can give others the ability to post stories to the page. They can do it in a simple editor, click “post”… and it’s there! The other feature I think is fantastic is the ability to post start and end dates for stories. This will allow me to post a few months worth of the worship info all at once – and the program will put the right info up at the right time.

A much more efficient way of doing things, I think!

Thank you, you wonderful open source developer types!

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A Beeeuuuuuutiful Day!

Well. Today is glorious. The sun is shining. The birds are singing. The mosquitos are out.

Yep. Mosquitos. They were flying around our hats. They were landing on our arms. And they were sucking our blood, but good.

Rowan and I went to one of the parks we like to frequent, forgetting that there is a great deal of standing water there… and we’ve had a cool, wet spring. As she says, “There are alot, a lot, A LOT of mosquitos out.”

Having been chased away from our favourite spot, we wandered home, and are enjoying the sun right here.

Since we’ve gotten home, I’ve seen one – count ’em – ONE – mosquito.

(I hope the rest can’t find me!)

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