It’s Been a Long Day

started at 2am.

You know, a “white night”. (Which is kind of strange, since the only thing falling from the sky around here is rain… and a lot of it.)

All-nighters aren’t necessarily a bad thing. One can get a lot of work done, I guess.

A while ago, I learned that if I looked at the clock (which is across the room, so I have to make a conscious decision to look at it) in the middle of the night, and realized it was less than 10 minutes after I looked at it the last time, the probability was that I was not going back to sleep. So I might as well get up.

There’s quite a bit one can get done in the still of the night:
getting my Library up-to-date (and in a safe off-site location!;
writing a letter of apology;
clearing out part of my home office for an elliptical trainer (ok… I didn’t get that one done, just started);
tied up a few loose ends on a couple of projects;
read three quarters of a book.

Maybe I should be sleepless more often.

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