Care To Comment?

I’ve been working on designing a brochure that our Greeters (who differ from our Ushers) can give to people who are guests with us in our Sunday worship time – specifically people who may have little or no church background.

A number of people have read and commented on it. I’ve been handing it out to people I know who are not church connected, for their suggestions.

If anyone here would like to give it a read and tell me what they think, that would be wonderful!

“Welcome to St. Andrew’s Haney United Church” < - .PDF alert!

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So… There’s a New Book Out

published by the United Church Publishing House. It’s called “Arts and the Spirit: the role of art in faith formation”, edited by Mary Anne MacFarlane and E. Ann Fleming. I was going to tell you how excited I am to have written a chapter for it – Picture This: Digital Presentations.

I’m still excited… but… having read the rest of the book, I’m even more excited about the ideas the other writers are suggesting. (St. Andrew’s is going to have some fun with this stuff!)

Cover of 'Arts and the Spirit'

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