Shannon Is

now involved in a part-time ministry – for the next month or so. She’s doing the administrative oversight of a congregation whose minister is on leave. Its about 12 hours a week, on top of the worship leadership supply she’s booked for until June.

Its great, in many ways – she’s having a great time (including getting to chat with people over age 4. *grin*)

But we had forgotten what it was like to have both of us working. Ah, the joy of multiple schedules.

Thank goodness: a) I’ve got a whack of hours banked; b) I can do a boatload of work on my laptop; and c) my hours are pretty flexible.

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Prayers and Tears

for the families…

of all who died at Virginia Tech, and those who were injured there…

and the victims of today’s bombing in Bagdad.

God… hear our prayers… and in your love – answer…

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It’s 8am

Shannon is at her mom’s (the two of them went to the ballet, last night).

Rowan is just beginning to wake up. (Which is good, because we’ve got swimming lessons in an hour and fifteen minutes!)

And I am just realizing that my writer for this week didn’t send me anything for the prayer brochure. Something that I missed in my overall ‘building of schedule’ stuff.

Ack! Agh!

I guess I’ve got some writing today.

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Creative Chaos

Those of you who have known me for a while (hi, Mom and Dad!) know that I regularly walk a fine line between ‘creative chaos’ and… well… ‘just-plain-every-day chaos’ in my life.

Organization has not been one of my high points. Now – I want to be clear – things are done, and done on-time… and usually relatively well-done, as well as being completed… but never quite as good as they could be, if a certain level of organization and structure was imposed on my flow.

I am an Enneagram Type Seven, who is hitting that point in my life where the ‘fall-back’ ways of taking care are no longer working. Unless I do something pretty drastic – really fast – those “coping” mechanisms are going to be my downfall.

And I’m going to hurt a lot more people than just myself.

So. The holiday time was quite helpful. I was able to (well, pretended to, at least) do a mental walk through of those places in my life in which I need to do some work. Some of them I need to do more thought about before I spend any time writing about them… but one of the majors is the creation of an organization form that works with who I am.

As I’ve stumbled through the web, I came across various and sundry posts on GTD (Getting Things Done). Based on what I read, I created a process that works to move things out of my head into one – central, easy to access – place.

Those of you who know how much of a techno-geek I am may be quite surprised to find out that, while my calendar is web (and PDA) based… my capture device is a stack of index cards (held together by one huge binder clip)… and my beloved fountain pen. (Though I’m going to move to one of my fine-tip pens, I think.) In my ‘capture device’ are a series of ‘next action’ cards, which help me to figure out – well – what my next action needs to be. Each of them is context based – computer, phone, office, phone, home, etc – and, depending where I am, I pull out the cards relating to that context, and get to work.

I’ve been using this practice for the past three weeks… and I can’t believe how much better I’m sleeping, how much more I’m getting done, and how much more of it is relevant to the here and now.

I’m sleeping better because I don’t wake up thinking, “AUGH! I’ve got to remember X.” X is already written down, either as a ‘next action’ or as a ‘project’ (a series of multiple ‘next actions’). Each morning, either at the office or at home, following my morning reflection and prayer time, I do a review of the cards, to see what can be done in the contexts of the day, what I have time to do, what I have energy to do… and what has to happen.

While I don’t think I’ll become a GTD fanatic… its definitely making a difference to how I do what I do.

And its helping me to see that I need to say, “No.” to some of the requests that are falling in my lap.

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We Received Our Passports Today

along with a letter from the adoption agency, letting us know that our file was one step closer to being sent to China.

Now that we have our passports, we can ship off the covering pages, bringing us one step closer to the ‘they also who serve, who only sit and wait’ part of our lives.

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You may have noted that my blog’s look has changed – again.

My most wonderful host – she who has given me space to blather on (sometimes silently, sometimes incessantly) – Jen of the peacefulwaters – moved to a new ISP. As things got reset and transferred, I decided to do some thinking about what I want the ‘space’ to look like… and what I want to do here.

So. For some reason, I’ve decided to go with a nice, gentle ‘blue’ theme. ๐Ÿ™‚

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