So. I’ve Got a Book Idea in Mind

Yeah, I know with my schedule, thinking of starting a book is like… hmmm… pouring water into a cup that’s brimming. The water may be cold and delicious – but its going to overflow the rim.

The thing is, if I do it right, various chapters of the book will be useful in other areas in which I am working. The whole “catching two birds with one net” thing.

The next few months are going to be really interesting. Congregationally, things are going ‘tickity-boo’. People are excited, I’m finally getting into a routine (which allows me to start taking a look at other things). Some of the projects that I started a few months ago are deinitely bearing fruit.

You remember the ‘Daily Scripture and Prayer’ pamphlet that Shannon and I started writing for St. Andrew’s, at the beginning of Advent? Well, over the past ten weeks, we’ve gone from one congregation and two writers, to thirteen congregations and eleven writers. Check it out!

Our ‘Worship in the Spirit of Taize’ is growing – we’re averaging 8 to 10 folks out on a Wednesday evening… and next week we start advertising outside of the church.

Speaking of advertising, it looks like we’ll be moving to a ‘similar outline’ for all of our posters and print advertising… that way, people will see a sign and recognize it as “St. Andrew’s UC”.

Ten people from the congregation attended a “Welcoming Congregations” workshop last weekend – and are really excited about initiating some of the ideas they heard.

Definitely falling in the category of exciting!

— Having said that, I can also say that I’m swacked. 🙂

I still have a stack of holiday time for this pastoral year, so I’m going to be taking off most of March. (Which I’m dearly looking forward to.) I know that for most of my friends ‘back east’, March wouldn’t be the best time to take… but… well… it was 16C, today.

I got a load of firewood yesterday. “Dried and seasoned.” Ah. Yeah. Right. Suuuure. So I spent most of the morning stacking it (in the tried and true George Bott fashion to allow air to pass through and help with the drying process. Its nice to have a wood fire again.

Rowan helped to stack the wood. *grin* Have you ever watched an almost four year old decide that she just *has* to help her daddy? She had the extra-special job of picking out the smaller pieces of wood and making a kindling pile. She thought that was great… and then decided that it was important to help with the ‘bigger wood, Daddy!’. Fortunately, she didn’t drop anything on her toes.

Mine, on the other hand… oh, well… it was worth it.

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