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What I was really hoping to do was to post a link to St. Andrew’s ‘mini-site’ over at the WonderCafe. I don’t know if that’s actually what I did.

I’ve got St. Andrew’s regular site running pretty well. We’re podcasting parts of our worship services, and I’ve developed an rss feed for our ‘headlines’.

I’m trying to remember to update the content on a regular basis… like… two to three times a week! *grin* Its getting much easier, now that I’ve got a pattern down.

Pull up ‘index.html’ using a text editor. Make necessary changes. Upload file and any supporting images/documents/etc. Use feedgarden to update rss. Work on something else.

Were getting about 20 hits a day at the church’s site. Google analytics suggest about a 50/50 split between new visitors and returning ones. Most are from B.C. but a number come from other provinces (and a couple from the states). A good number of the people from BC seem to be in the lower mainland area.

I hope they’re finding it interesting!

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  1. You link to St. Andrews Regular Site is not working 😉

    I am very interested in your podcasting of the services. I am going to check out your site and may be asking you some of the big questions like "how" and to some extent "why".

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