St. Andrew’s Mini-Site

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What I was really hoping to do was to post a link to St. Andrew’s ‘mini-site’ over at the WonderCafe. I don’t know if that’s actually what I did.

I’ve got St. Andrew’s regular site running pretty well. We’re podcasting parts of our worship services, and I’ve developed an rss feed for our ‘headlines’.

I’m trying to remember to update the content on a regular basis… like… two to three times a week! *grin* Its getting much easier, now that I’ve got a pattern down.

Pull up ‘index.html’ using a text editor. Make necessary changes. Upload file and any supporting images/documents/etc. Use feedgarden to update rss. Work on something else.

Were getting about 20 hits a day at the church’s site. Google analytics suggest about a 50/50 split between new visitors and returning ones. Most are from B.C. but a number come from other provinces (and a couple from the states). A good number of the people from BC seem to be in the lower mainland area.

I hope they’re finding it interesting!

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Flock On

Flock — the social web browser

I’ve started using Flock as my main webbrowser. I’m having a lot of fun with it. They’ve integrated  my tags, photobucket, and blogging right into a mozilla/firefox style browser.

This is fun! I can categorize, tag, and write all in one spot.

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Blah. Blah. Blah.

Ok. I’m having two problems at the moment.

I love the concept of the WonderCafe.

I’m enjoying the discussions there.

I’m frustrated with the interface. It’s clunky. It’s un-intuitive. It’s missing scads of the basic options that even free chatsites (like the one I’ve linked to for St. Andrew’s UC) have going for them.

I’m also royally ticked off with a number of… nah… I’m just not going to worry about them.

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On Being Settled

and being unsettled.

Ok – let me start off by saying that this isn’t about the congregation, nor the presbytery, nor the conference… nor my family. It’s about me.
I’ve been here for three months and twelve days.

I’m enjoying the congregation – immensely.

My partner is happier than I’ve seen her before. (I mean, the three of us are together and we’re living close to her Mom!)

I’m working my buns off… and its no one’s fault (or demand) other than my own. I know this. When I do get frustrated about it, I remind myself that I *always* do this at the start of something. Balance is coming.

I absolutely love some of the things I’ve had the chance to do: working with my Dad on Sunday, as we explored the new ads and the with the congreation; re-working St. Andrew’s website; getting to understand the atmosphere and ethos of the congregation, so if I ‘put my foot in it’ I do it relatively knowingly.

Its fun. Right?

But… (yeah, I’m sure you knew it was coming)… but I’m feeling… well… unsettled. I’m not sure what’s supposed to happen next. I’m constantly tired and feeling like I’m running, but staying in the same place.

I’ve lost touch with people I care about.

I *suck* at returning e-mail.

And I feel completely out-of-balance.

I’m doing all those things that I know help me to get re-adjusted… taking more time for meditation and prayer, napping… but I’m still trying to figure out “ok, what’s my next way-point”?

It’ll come.

I just don’t like feeling like I’m out of sight of the shore, my gps has gone down… and my compass and charts have taken a trip wetwards.

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