All In One Piece. Well. Almost.

Hello, beloved (well, at the very least, beliked) friends.

Sorry about the delay in letting you know what’s been happening. I haven’t had access to the web for the past week. (I could have gone into the office, but I’m supposed to be on holiday… so I’m doing everything I can to stay away.)

If you’ve read the previous few posts, you’ve probably got the sense that it hasn’t been much of a holiday. Sad, but true. I’m going to be heading into work on Sunday as weary as I left it a couple of weeks ago. Its fortunate that I’m starting a new post… the excitement will carry me until I get my second wind.

I’ve been waiting to blog until I had the system up and running at home. That meant waiting until everything arrived. Then waiting until we had got the bedrooms and kitchen set up (yeah, I know… my priority would have been the computer room… but I’m a parent and spouse, eh!) But, finally, yesterday, I was able to get into the computer room and start getting everything set up.

But that’s a story for later. (Ask me about archaic phone lines and a very sharp knife.)

You probably want to hear about the end of the moving saga.

Ok – you may not want to hear about it – but its kind of like passing by a car accident… its really hard not to slow down and look… and, of course, you’re praying for everyone whose a part of it.

Well, Sunday morning, at about 10h00, I got a phone call from (Driver No. 2), to let m know that he’d be arriving just after lunch.

Let the bells ring out!

At about 12h30, I got a phone call from (Lift Team 1)…

asking me if I knew when (Driver No. 2) was supposed to be arriving. I told him around 13h30. He then asked me if I could help him with directions to the house. I said sure. Gave him the street address, “in Maple Ridge”.

“Uhh… did you say, ‘Maple Ridge’?”


“Hmmm… We were told Abbotsford. So that’s where we are right now. You’re sure you aren’t in Abbotsford.”

“Let me check.” Stick head out door. “No… no… I can honestly tell you that the house hasn’t moved in the past 24 hours. We’re still in Maple Ridge.”

“That was a joke, right?”


“Ok. Uh, so, I guess we’ll be there later.”


Then we waited. Shannon sat reading. I wandered around the house, somewhat aimlessly, my fingers pretending to type on an imaginary keyboard. (As much as I try to leave it behind, blogging is in my blood. Well.. in my finger spasms, at least.)

At 13h28 a vision almost as wondrious as that of a myriad of angles dancing on the head of a pin singing, “There’s a point to all of this”, appeared in front of my eyes.

A long white moving van.

In front of the manse.

Glory, hallelujah!

And it was smooth sailing from that point on.


So, I met (Driver No. 2). A very nice guy. We chat, we talk, we commiserate. He signs some things. Like a receipt. He gets paid. The truck gets opened.

Our stuff is there.

One problem (Lift Team 1) isn’t there yet. So we wait. Until 14h00. (Lift Team 1) still isn’t there. So (Driver No. 2) and I start the process of getting our stuff off the truck and into the house. (Yes, I know it wasn’t my job. At that point, I didn’t care. I just wanted our furniture to be in the house. Actually, it was the clothing. I know that Jesus told various disciples to head out with only one set of clothes. I don’t know how they did it. I had three shirts, three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, and two pairs of pants… and, even though they were washed regularly, I was beginning to feel twitchy every time I put them on.)

At about 14h15, (Drive No. 1) gets ahold of (Lift Team 1) to find out that they decided to spend the rest of the day doing something else. I could tell that (Driver No. 1) was at least as ticked off about this as I was. He put out an emergency call to a group of his friends.

We continued to unload.

Over the next hour and a half, spaced at interesting intervals, six guys show up.

With care, and a great deal of speed, everything gets moved into the house.

All is well with the world.


It seems that the guys who took the two beds apart didn’t put all the hardware in an easily located location. Thus, the headboard to my and Shannon’s bed was held on by a … well… no… not a thread. By one out of four screws.

Shannon went back to her mom’s to sleep that night.

I made sure not to move much.

(The next day I headed to Ikea… who *gave* me the screws to get everything working.)

Then we realized that… oh, right… I didn’t tell you. My load got moved from (Driver No. 1)’s truck to (Driver No. 2)’s truck. It then got plywooded up, to make sure that it was separated from everybody else’s stuff. Good idea, right?

Execept for the fact that two of our dressers were located on the other side of the plywood. Underneath someone else’s load.

Fortunately, that was not my problem. The guys spend a good deal of time lifting, hauling, and moving stuff around… and brought our dressers in to the house.

The end.


Shannon and Rowan and Jan and I have been unpacking for the past five days. Various members of the congregation have been in contact to let us know that we were being thought of and prayed for. (As have many of my net-friends… thanks folks!) One family, who own a van, helped me to load the many many… ok – 70 – boxes of books that needed to be moved to the church.

We unpacked a small, glass door, cabinet on Wednesday. As we were getting ready to move it into place, we noticed that one of the two heavy legs had burst through the bottom of the cabinet. As best as I can tell, someone jammed a huge amount of weight on the top of the cabinet.

So, M* got a call Thursday morning. I asked the secretary if she could make sure that he sent me an insurance claim form… and, if he needed pictures, I could send those to him as well.

I haven’t heard back, yet.

While I’m sure that a victim of a house fire would disagree with, “Two moves equals one fire” (M. Twain)… I’m beginning to see that one tunic and one staff has its merits.

Blessings and peace all – and many. many thanks for your prayers.

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