What to do during Holy-days

1. Sleep. (I’m sure that part of it is simply jet-lag… but I’m sleeping nearly 10 hours a night. Soundly. Catching up on my sleep debt, that’s for sure!)
2. Playing tourist. Today we headed out to an historic village – Burnaby, BC, circa 1925. I often go to these places thinking, “Oh, well… the things we do for family.” (Shannon loves these settings.) I am almost always surprised how much I get from them! Yesterday, we headed to the beach. Wednesday… ok… I can’t remember – but I know I had fun.
3. Listen to my daughter laugh. Listen to her “baba” (grandmother) laugh. Listen to Shannon laugh. Join in.
4. Read. So far, I think I’m up to three “mind expanding” books and four “mind candy” books.
4a. Visit bookstores. Camelot Books (a used bookstore), the Book Warehouse (a discount bookstore), White Dwarf (a priemier Speculative Fiction bookstore)… tomorrow its Banyan Books (a wide-ranging spirituality bookstore)… and Chapters (so I can pick up the latest Linux mag from the UK). WOO-HOO!
5. Work on responding to email. I’ll get there, folks… but I’m having to work on my handheld. I can’t get the laptop to connect to the network. grrrrrr.
6. In general, let every breath be a prayer of thanksgiving.


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