Shannon, Rowan and I attended a groupsing/worship/experience led by Bruce and Cheryl Harding, two very talented and gifted musicians in the life of the United Church.

I didn’t want to go, since I’m still feeling rather ill… but Shannon reminded me of how much I enjoy their music – so I went. Shannon danced, Rowan bopped, I sang… we had a great evening.

Thank you, Thamesview United Church – and Cheryl and Bruce – (and Shannon for getting me going!)

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The Most Creative Thing I Can Think of Right Now is the Word

That’s right.
Its not a word that you’ll find in a dictionary. Nope. It just popped into my head a moment ago, while I was reading a couple of posts over at jeneane’s.
I’m not sure why mudfrizzle popped up, but it did. Now its all I can think about.
Mudfrizzle – that dried on, caked on, grimy mess that you get between your toes after you’ve gone for a walk in the back yard without any shoes or socks on and then you’ve sat in the sun and let everything settle.
You know.
I kind of like mudfrizzle. When it appears it usually means I’ve been out playing, having some fun running around, squishing and squelching and just generally being silly.
But there’s a problem with mudfrizzle. We adults aren’t supposed to have it, anymore.
Adults aren’t built for mudfrizzle.
Adults like shoes and dry feet.
Adults don’t giggle in the rain as the mud squoooooshes between their toes.
Do they?

Do you?

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Life-long Journey of Faith Exploration

The Council of the congregation I serve has re-directed the focus of my work. They have come to the realization that we need to be helping those connected with our faith community to continually be exploring their faith… from birth to death.

So now I’m working on developing a draft path for them to begin refining.

Any suggestions?

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Feelin’ Groovy

or at least, a whole lot better! The nausea is gone, the system is calming down… hooray!

Now all I’ve got is about two hours of house cleaning and getting the windows ready for changeover, and then I can write a synopsis of my weekend.

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Don’t Cha Just Hate It

when you come home from a conference and find that you’ve either:
a) eaten something that you shouldn’t have; or,
b) picked up a case of the flu?
I’ve been in extraordinarily rough shape for the last day and a half.

I’m glad I didn’t have to work today.

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Off to Conference

It’s the Annual Meeting of London Conference this weekend.

I’m taking the computer. Why? ‘Cause I’m just going to be sitting there looking wise. I’m hoping I can pick up a wifi hotspot. *grin*

If I can, you’ll get regular updates today and tomorrow.

If not… well… the posts will be posted at the end of each day.

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On the Train Still

So, I’m travelling on the train. The train which seems to be having some problems. I hope they’re not big problems. The lights keep shutting down… the power keeps going out. But the big wheels keep on turning.

Its 18h00. I could pull down my daybook to see what work has to get done before Sunday.

You know, I don’t think I have the energy.

I like the train. There’s a wonderful rhythm to everything here. I’m feeling rocked. Safe.
Its a nice feeling.

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What Am I Reading

– Well – right now I’m re-reading an old Harry Harrison – “A Stainless Steel Trio”. Fun! (My spec.fic. shelf is rather full.)
– To get my brain working, I’m reading, “Mark’s other gospel: rethinking Morton Smith’s controversial dicovery” by Scott G. Brown. (I love it when I get a catalog from a university publisher… and I still have money in my con-ed account!)
– Various and sundry newspapers, journals and blogs.

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Same-sex Marriage Discussion

You may know that Canada has been discussing the possibility of same-sex (or equal) marriage.

The General Council of The United Church of Canada made a decision to support the Federal Government’s movement towards civil same-sex marriage. Because of denominational polity, it is up to the Session (or its equivalent) in each congregation to decide about whether or not that congregation will allow same-sex marriages to take place in its congregational area of responsibility.

The congregation I serve – St. Marys United Church – has had a really interesting time talking about the qhole question. I was asked by the Church Council to set up a process for people to gather and share their thoughts.

We’ve had our first gathering. It went well.
Very well.
The next one is in a few weeks.
I’ll let you know how it goes!

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Ok… I’m still figuring out WordPress… so all of these posts I did tonight are actually from 2002.

I have to go back and fix the dates and times – sorry, peoples!

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I will be getting my comments working…
and updating all of my broken links…
and reviewing my blogroll…
and re-doing the last three years of posts.

I may need to use a different template for a while.
I can’t find the cd that I saved all of my posts to before Jen helped me to migrate (ok… before Jen did one blessed pile of work in migrating me!)
But it will be soon.

This daddy thing is absolutely wonderful. I’m more relaxed than I’ve ever been.

But, even after a year and a month, I’ve still not figured out out to balance all of my time!

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Noblesse Oblige

Bene Diction commented on my previous post – and added to it, talking about the current visit of Her Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II to Canada.

The Queen’s words and actions yesterday were a reminder that the power of symbol can be almost overwhelming. Sharing time with the families of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police constables who were killed last fall, we watched her Majesty be with some of her people in their grief – as well as the with the joyful crowds who had come to see her.

Nobility in action. (Yes, the pun was somewhat intended.)

The phrase Noblesse Oblige is an important one. “With wealth, power and prestige come responsibilities.”

The gifts that we have been given – what we have and who we are – make us even more responsible for those around us. Noblesse oblige.

Mr. Harper, M. Duceppe, Mr. Leighton, Mr. Martin and their colleagues would do well to remember the phrase… and live it.

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