I was working at the office tonight. One of the local elementary schools is holding their grade 8 graduation in our sanctuary. (Most grade 8 students are age 13, turning 14.)

As I was working on the meditation for this Sunday, I had the radio on, like I often do. I”m not sure what station I was listening to, but I think Alecia Keys was playing. I had the sound up, and was leaning back, listening, while I thought about the scriptures.

Two faces (of people I”ve never had the chance to meet before) poked in my door, said, in unison – “OHMYGOD! This is so cool. YOU like our music?”

In the discussion, we talked about what we liked about the different artists… one of the young women asked, “Could some of our friends come and listen to what we”re talking about?” Within five minutes, we were having a great discussion about Life… and Why Would Anyone Want to Be A Christian??????


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