The PM’s Interview with CBC

In the words of the Prime Minister of Canada:

“You cannot exercise your powers to the point of humiliation for the others. That is what the Western world — not only the Americans, the Western world — has to realize. Because they are human beings too. There are long-term consequences,” Chrétien said in the pre-taped interview.

“And I do think that the Western world is getting too rich in relation to the poor world and necessarily will be looked upon as being arrogant and self-satisfied, greedy and with no limits. The 11th of September is an occasion for me to realize it even more.”

you for your words, M. Chrétien. Now, Mr. Prime Minister, we need you… the head of Her Majesty’s Government… to help Canada’s citizens to build a just balance in the world.

(Thanks to John Janzen for this link.)

Update: There are a whole bunch of people who are right royally… ticked… at the PM’s comments. Check out the posts at Little Green Footballs. If you’re a Canadian reader, make sure you put on your asbestos long underwear. (Thanks to Bene Diction for this link.)

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